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But I continue learning...

2007-10-09 11:19

Um, thank you all you who voted for the comic. I know people are asking “why are there only two pages?” Considering we're both college aged and looking for work/doing school, we're a mite tied up in other businesses.

If it wasn't bad enough that I'm an idealistic, emotional biologist with a GPA and mindset of someone uninterested in school who's trying to erase history and regain some apparent academic standing, I'm also the major implementer of the website (and maintenance), hired help of the Dev/Cell Lab in UCI, the artist behind the comic, AND a girlfriend. I'm not complaining, otherwise I'd stop what I'm doing, but just to let you know I'm not THAT much of a slacker.

That being said, if I miss an update, I'd miss it if I had something else in the way.

I'm very emotional about a lot of things. And I try to take care of it.


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