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2007-10-11 09:08

Done! And done. Well, not with school, but you'll see what I mean at 00:05 IN THE MORNING TOMORROW. New update time! Same for Monday, and probably for the rest of the update days from now on. Yes, I like going by military time.

You insomniacs.

Ugh. I was feeling pretty crappy this morning, I'm sure Jay can testify (poor guy). :bored: A few of you already know that I think I have seasonal depression, since without the sun I'm pretty emo. For sure. It sure is clinically valid. And confusing, but as I do bathe in the sun as well as I can, going without it is not only cold, but it just feels like there's something wrong.

I'm so liking Timbaland's “The Way I Are”. Someone should make a cover like what some comedy show did for “Promiscuous Girl”. “Syphallis Girl” is the greatest.

The beat is FANTASTIC.


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