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2007-04-16 15:06

It's sad that I woke up at 8am to hear that people have been shot in Virginia Tech.  :(


More pictures!

2007-04-15 10:20

I apparently had some neat looking pictures I forgot about from my old site. Most of it is crap, but the new ones I put up are pretty awesome :cute: Check them out. There should be a “Last Uploaded” on the menu at right… but if there isn't… you're going to have look through my gallery anyway. Most of it is pretty in little ways… if they're not your thing, well there are real life photos :grin:

Time for dinner! :yummy:

Edit! (at 2130)

Oh, and I colorized BarSinister! Bar Sinister is pretty enough on its own, but I need warm colors. What could you expect from a girl who buys and uses orange things? The color scheme works pretty well, actually. I'm surprised at how nice it looks.

Then again, that's just me. :upsidedown:


Heaven is a place on Earth

2007-04-14 18:58

Umm. Why does Amarok on volume 80, with headphones on volume 25ish sound better than the laptop speakers?

I'm probably asking a question with a fairly obvious answer, but it makes no sense to me why it's near perfect quality with my crappy earbuds, but horrible output with just the laptop speakers…

Something needs to be done. But I'll wait for however long it takes someone who knows what they're doing to notice. :blank:

Oh, yes, I LOVE Amarok. I don't care if it's not gnome-ic  :P

OMG tired. :yawn: :dead:



2007-04-14 07:22

Why is it that all my skinnable apps are DEAD? :grumpy: Litestep has been on hold for 2 years, and so has bb4win. I'm scared of geoshell. And trigger (skinnable wallpaper replacement thingie) is gone too  :(

At least this audio player Xion looks pretty spiffy, especially the new beta that's supposedly coming out. I'm more of the XMPlay girl, since it's skinnable and pretty portable. And best of all, it's ACTIVE. I don't know the release cycles, but the developer seems pretty into it.

Too bad I'm not a programmer. If I could port over or make my own damn apps, that'd be really nice. I'm not at all motivated to spend hours coding for a “simple” program, though. :yawn:

Here's to eye candy.



2007-04-13 08:49

Ok, my XP Home partition's internet is being weird. Funny how I can still do everything on my linux partition. Not that I'm going to be switching over to Linux permanently, but having no internet on Windows is a strong motivational factor for using Linux more. I'm currently using Ubuntu 6.10 and running Beryl, which is the SWEETEST desktop toy I've ever had. :grin: I love it sooo much. Here's their project page. Definitely check out the screenshots. And there's a youtube video on it somewhere  :D .

Well, EVERYTHING's on youtube now. :up:

My tablet support is a little wonky. I wonder if I have to build a kernel myself… Hmm.


My Humps

2007-04-10 09:35

I finally checked out Alanis Morissette's My Humps video. It's effin' HILARIOUS. Yeah, she pretty much burned the Black Eyed Peas, but I'm rather sure they've got a sense of humor too. And for the April Fools thing, the part that has me cracking up the most is the “You don't want no drama, nononono drama!” with the melting mascara and the random pillow bashing. :dead:

Alanis Morissette sings so pretty. I loved the song she did for Chronicles of Narnia.

Before you ask, yes, I've heard “Lazy Sunday”.

Picture of Arroyo VistaIn terms of Zest! I've uploaded some pictures of UCI, mostly the Arroyo Vista park thingie, if you guys know what I'm talking about.

Which most of you won't (or will, depending on how I advertise this site  :D).



2007-04-09 14:20

I just went to a friend's wedding. It was PRETTY. I've never been to a wedding before, so this is all pretty special to me. I took a crapload of pictures, so it's fun, and I was unofficial because I'm such a amateur!

But I took some wonderful pictures. Once in a while it was all right.

sigh I want to get married in the future. Well, not like right now, or in September of 2008, like some wedding predictor told me. I don't know, getting married at 20 is a little iffy, though it happened in a story of mine  :P

I need to find out how to make other smilies work here.



2007-04-06 13:04

Heh, well, everything's back to normal. Don't know if you noticed, but I had an internal server error. D'oh.  :(

But I'm back! And things are all right! At least for the blog. For the gallery, not so much, but nothing's dead… yet…



2007-04-03 06:51

Hey, I love this theme! Props to the guys who made this, and who made Spartacus. Sweet stuff.

This theme is fitting than the other one I tried. I think I like the subtle orange better  :D

Now to try to find out how to do the smilies. :blank:


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