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Oh, internets

2007-05-13 15:18

I tend to spend a lot of time on the internets. I meet very interesting people through various mediums. I've met some of them in person, I hope to meet most of the OKC guys that stuck around.  :P

Yes, I meet guys online. I'm apparently not such a dweeb when I write serious profiles.  ;)

Unlike the one I made for this site. This site is silly and for me. Go figure.

I hope some guy online out there stumbles on one of my many online whore-age sites and says “Damn. At least she's not scary looking” and has the nerve to say “Hi, your profile is weird.”

Mean to make plenty of guy friends that way.

edit @ 0046 – I've been out of a relationship since Friday. It's all good in the long run.


Oh Life

2007-05-10 01:50

I enjoy art a little too much sometimes. But I think it's great that people put out their talents on the web. I know I do it :cute:. Um, anyway, I think I'm going to put up a “fun” links page and rejoin all the fanlists I was on before.

Oh, this is going to be fairly awesome.

I miss fanlistings, but they were so hard to keep up with!  :(

Oh, oh! And I want to share the webcomics I read with whoever comes to this site. They're great comics! I go to them every update!



2007-05-07 14:02

I've always been the black sheep. I've gotten lost a couple of times, I've gotten myself into a few pits and on a few mountains.
But I've learned what I've always known: a beating heart and working lungs are good to have.
I've been through some tough times, tough in my perspective, at least. I can't see it from any one else's. I can't compare, I can't be a worse friend or a worse lover, unless worse means “absent”.
And I just need someone to trust.

So I did something apparently surprising.
This black sheep ran home. The home that everyone has, the home that is where the soul rests. And the body feels renewed.

That home. My home. Your home, too.
And I was welcome.


Oh Lordy

2007-05-06 11:00

Craig's List personals are like CRACK. I'm totally addicted to reading them! Not like I'm looking for a relationship because I'm currently in one right now, but these are fun to read.

But this whole “SWM looking for SWF” is sort of disappointing. I want to say “You're ruling out a great majority of the world by focusing on your own kind!” Sure you're attracted physically to these similar looking sort of peeps, but what makes a woman is not her face or body – both of those we all know so well deteriorate rather easily.

Then again, I'm not actually attracted to Asian men. Whoops. There are a few out there that aren't so bad, but on the whole I haven't been all too impressed. Mind you I've only had 2 hit me up for anything, and I'm sure there could be more, but something about them I didn't agree with. Probably psychological because they either remind me of my father or my brother – or my brother's peers.

And for some reason that's creepy.

What I find attractive is intelligence, a passion in something that can relate back to the human/animal/plant level (ie technology, conservation, travelling, arts), and usually hair. Clean, well maintained, touchable hair is a must. Geekiness is optional, but highly recommended!

Sorry if this comes off sounding like an ad. I'm just having fun.  :)

Also, this is going to sound strange, but I like red haired boys now  :X… must have something to do with volleyball.


Love On The Run

2007-05-04 15:43

SPIDERMAN 3!!! I'll watch it tomorrow. Well, by this time tomorrow I hope the movie's good enough for me to drool over in when I'm asleep :yummy: .

I'm CONFUSED! My left foot is bigger than my right, but I'm wearing size 7 when I thought I was a 7.5 – 8? And I bought 2 pairs of the same shoes.

I'm confused in so many other ways, but I figure it might pass. I'm going to sleep now :yawn: . Sorry for the confusing post. But welcome to Lani land. Watch your step, it's a little gooey.



2007-04-29 13:34

I really miss Firefly. :tv:



2007-04-29 08:45

I'm pretty happy that I got a sweet deal on a 2gig SD card for my camera. :) I can take up to 1457(ish) 8-megapixel pictures! And since I'm going to England this summer crosses fingers, knocks on wood I'm going to snap until the batteries run out or until space runs out. It's going to be fucking sweet  :D

There'll probably be a few pictures of me being drunk :yuck: :vodka: , what can you expect when the drinking age over there is 18, and I'm well beyond it?  :P

Things are OK on the personal front. I'm a little hazy, like the weather, on what I want to do, but I'm assuming most people are.

I know my grammar sucks, but I have at least 6 stories in my head I'd love to write out sometime. Just for my personal benefit, and if someone says “Hey, that'd be cool for the rest of us to read”, then I might publish. I'll polish my grammar, I'm just too lazy now to really care. And this is a blog! It's amazing that I'm even putting in the effort to spell correctly.

On a side note, why is it that a lot of guys around me can't spell? :blank:


Far Away

2007-04-21 15:38

I love love stories. I'm such a sucker for them. I CRIED when I saw this video, even though I don't play Final Fantasy at all! I have NO idea what the fuck is going on, but it looks so sweet! :blush:

I formatted my OS partitions for fresh installs of XP and Ubuntu (Feisty Fawn rawr :yummy: ). One of the few things I forgot to back up was my diary. Starting from the new year, it held records of my Breakup-Of-First-Life-Changing-Relationship. I was mopey, I was depressed and grieving. I was also pleading in some parts, but I always had some hope for myself.

That diary was lost. Well, not necessarily lost – I didn't particularly care enough for it. I wasn't actively thinking about it when I formatted. And after I formatted, I suddenly felt that I had finally let go of everything. Maybe that diary was the last part – the holding on to memories that would only get tainted: I loved him, I fell out of love but wanted to be dedicated, and I didn't want to be a “failure”.

I wasn't a failure. I never really was a failure at anything I put effort into. Somewhere along the way I stopped putting in my part, and he grew distant to protect himself from my words, my quirks. Both were the wrong things to do in a relationship that's supposed to last forever. So, of course the chapter was ending.

It's over now, and it's been over for a little while. Everything's just a little while in a human lifespan compared to the lifespan of the universe. What I had was wonderful and frightening. And what I have still is hope. He's doing okay, he's doing all right. I'm better than I ever was, because our love made me who I was, and our ending made me who I am today.

The book is closed on this relationship. For the in-love part anyway. I can't tell how much we'll keep in contact, since we're busy people. His life and mine were far more separated than we realized in the relationship.

And it's all okay.



2007-04-21 06:33

Yay, I reformatted both my Linux and Windows partitions. I upgraded to Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn  :P ) and I'm running Beryl again. Check it out here. Yeah, I know it's posted on deviantart. Why not? :grin:

Now it's time to go back and study. I don't want to kill my GPA again:ouch:


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