2007-12-20 12:18

This is where Divi was born. Honestly, this story was a continuation of Trigun, and then I just stopped Mary Sue’ing, for the greater good. Divi, however, will continue her life in Avatar because I’d hate to lose a character that represents all I’d love to be.

Divinya as an angelAllenia and ospreyDivinya, sprinting gazelleDivinya, kneeling doeDivinya, dark horseDivinya, prancing foalDivinya and Miranda, lostAllenia SoulhavenVariusDivinya, hopingDivinya with a giant poppy flowerDivinya, the protectorateDivinya in a dressDivinya, gun ablazeDivinya, guns whippin' out19 year old Divinya


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