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2007-11-15 14:46

I can't wait for winter break. Even though I'm only taking 16 units, somehow it feels like it's all ready a lot.

I'm not going to be ready to switch over for a while.



2007-11-13 07:44

I'm fond of Serendipity, but not as fond as I am of Textpattern. So I think I'll be switching back to textpattern (yes, back).

Also, coppermine is like, super fancy for me. I just want to show shit off, man. I'll be switching to pixelpost.

Heads up, y'all.

I'll back this up to another site. Like, “Citrus-Old” or something. So I guess everything will be kept in tact here, but I'll backup the database just in case. :floppy:



No Cry

2007-11-08 15:34

I thought I'd be updating every odd day, but sometimes I think it's silly – life doesn't wait for it to be 1+2n (n is an integer >= 0).

Nothing in particular has happened. Just, I look at the art, and I think “I used to be so much better.” I think it could be because I drew all the time 3 years ago – because I was angry, because I felt like a victim, like some stupid stray dog people love to ignore.

Now I'm all girl (being noticed as a cute[ish] one, too, that's nice) – struggling still, as all humans do, to find a better place, a better state of mind, happiness, peace. And I've been drawing so much less, except for Avatar, but then it's less personal, less emotional, and somehow less satisfying – you've seen my comments about me apologizing for my art (I've wanted to for EVERY strip) when it's bearable, if not decent.

One of my most loved pieces – that I've EVER done – was back in the angry stage. It was a long period, and that art was everything I thought I wanted to be. I had claws, like Parasite Eve. And I was going to use them to stop people from getting close.

I don't identify with it as strongly as I did.

But I love it still – and I probably always will, since it was a part of me.

The art is still lovely, too. Except for her thighs, they're huge, but so are mine…


Minor Freakout

2007-11-07 11:50

I'm going to have to schedule LIFE better. Dear, dear god, why am I so afraid of taking control?



2007-11-03 07:25

If you can't tell, I was messing around with the code for the comic pages, but I sort of suck at coding! I'm a bio major! Not an ICS major or an art major.  :P

I half understand code because I've looked at HTML for a while.

Anyway, I should get to making Monday's comic.



2007-11-01 01:17

It's my brother's 25th Birthday! God, we're getting old.

I mean, happy birthday!


Happy Halloween

2007-10-31 13:11

I think it's safe to say I actually don't care for commercial holidays. IE: New Year's, Valentine's, St. Patrick's, April Fool's, Halloween, Christmas…

Er. Yeah.

I don't even remember my own birthday sometimes, so I guess that's why I don't care for particular DAYS in general. Except now, September 3rd, but that's for an entirely different reason.

Happy Halloween, folks! I hope you get lots of candy. 'Cause yeaaaaah, why else would we be celebrating a Pagan ritualistic holiday?


God, no

2007-10-28 05:50

I'm just going to rant because I have a medium and some sort of voice – about an issue that plagues me and I'm sure plenty of other women and men.

Advertisements/model shoots of skinny people are disgusting. Absolutely revolting. They're the kind of pictures that should be the “Please Help; Send Food” pictures, not the “This is what you should DESIRE”. HOW IS THIS ATTRACTIVE? Her face? Sure, she IS cute, but her face makes up about 10% of what she's really selling: her body. And there's not much of her body to sell at all. Is that what people want? Is that really what people want?

It still affects me in a way that just doesn't make sense. There are a lot of small, cute Asian girls out there – and the models are small, cute and very, very skinny from what I've seen. Not all women are like that – sometimes they can't be with what genetics and habits and access to food and gym/recreation they have. But is that skinny ass model type girl what we should strive for? What we need to be, to be attractive and wanted and lusted after?

Apparently people say yes.

And it's all so wrong.


Finishing up

2007-10-25 14:37

By the time a strip's done, (mind you the latest strip was done earlier than now), I just don't know why I don't have enough energy to do anything else.


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