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2007-10-21 11:41

Dear God. I love this song so, so much. Yes, it's Cowboy Bebop flavored, but goddamn, that was a good show too.

To take a quick break from my comic making/Ubuntu installing, I just want to say Jay's not the only one making stories. His are probably better, but mine have that unique Lani flavored craziness. I've had this story in my head for quite some time that involved a very, very strange interpretation of schizophrenia. You might see it unravel, 'cause I think this is comic worthy, if I build up my talents in time.

Not that I find schizophrenia funny or comical, that is. :right:

Anyway, back to the comic making!



2007-10-19 14:31

This is just a story of how I feel when I'm with my sister. Sister by tears and time, not necessarily blood.

She makes me realize how important people are. Even though she's got fears and issues and problems and acknowledges that she's far from perfect, she makes me feel that there's just that bit of hope that eventually, we'll all be better for it anyway, if we try to be better.

It's strange to get that sort of inspiration from a person currently being medicated for psychological issues, not that she's like, a psychopath, or anything.

I'm not perfect now, but that doesn't mean I'll stop trying to be better. I just really need the time and space to grow. Currently, I don't think I have much of either. Not that I'm complaining, I love life – it's quirks and annoyances, the issues, the drama, the lucky breaks and the times I spend in my car more focused on the music than driving, even though I'm pretty aware of the cars around me.

For now, and honestly, this is a philosophical guise for an issue that I still have problems dealing with. I know the art currently sucks for the comic. I apologize. There are plenty of reasons and excuses, I can list them out and I'm very, very tempted to since, you know, people (especially me) are defensive.

But honestly, you all know it's not worth talking about. Give me some time, I'll make something that'll impress the fuck out of you AND me.



2007-10-18 16:11

:ouch: :dead: :ouch: :dead: :ouch: :dead: :ouch:

Comic's up.

And… Gutsy Gibbon… I haven't even upgraded yet! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! :yell:


Dual Boot

2007-10-15 04:25

This is important to me :P



2007-10-11 09:08

Done! And done. Well, not with school, but you'll see what I mean at 00:05 IN THE MORNING TOMORROW. New update time! Same for Monday, and probably for the rest of the update days from now on. Yes, I like going by military time.

You insomniacs.

Ugh. I was feeling pretty crappy this morning, I'm sure Jay can testify (poor guy). :bored: A few of you already know that I think I have seasonal depression, since without the sun I'm pretty emo. For sure. It sure is clinically valid. And confusing, but as I do bathe in the sun as well as I can, going without it is not only cold, but it just feels like there's something wrong.

I'm so liking Timbaland's “The Way I Are”. Someone should make a cover like what some comedy show did for “Promiscuous Girl”. “Syphallis Girl” is the greatest.

The beat is FANTASTIC.


But I continue learning...

2007-10-09 11:19

Um, thank you all you who voted for the comic. I know people are asking “why are there only two pages?” Considering we're both college aged and looking for work/doing school, we're a mite tied up in other businesses.

If it wasn't bad enough that I'm an idealistic, emotional biologist with a GPA and mindset of someone uninterested in school who's trying to erase history and regain some apparent academic standing, I'm also the major implementer of the website (and maintenance), hired help of the Dev/Cell Lab in UCI, the artist behind the comic, AND a girlfriend. I'm not complaining, otherwise I'd stop what I'm doing, but just to let you know I'm not THAT much of a slacker.

That being said, if I miss an update, I'd miss it if I had something else in the way.

I'm very emotional about a lot of things. And I try to take care of it.


Freshly Pressed

2007-10-07 11:56

Avatar will be updated tomorrow at 9am. Keep an eye out!


So far so good. I just need to get word of this comic out, since Jay and I want to get the story heard! If you like, please mention it to others, if you think they'd be interested.

Enough with the advertising, it's time to get a pressin' on my own stories. I doubt I'll have the literary power my superhero boyfriend does, but I have the pizazz of any moderately talented artist who can bust out pictures of girls busting out of their bras.

Did I just write that? Oops.

Cheesecake to come.  :P



2007-10-05 14:38

This is just what's on my mind. Take it as you will, I just want to get these words out.

I love you. I thought I was broken, I thought because I was broken I couldn't be damaged. But I still have nerve endings, this Claire type regenerist healer, and underneath the scar tissue is still the memory of how I got burned, how I got cut, and still the pain. It never gets old, the pain, it's just there, and sometimes you're salve, but salve only lasts so long and it disintegrates when I'm no longer with you.

I'm just disgusting sometimes. I feel that way. I know in reality I'm better, I'm a perfectly functional human being, I'm this lovely piece of humanity wrapped up in what some people think a very wonderful coffee colored shell.

But I'm still scarred. And those burns don't go away easily.



2007-10-04 05:49

I know I complain a lot about my family. But it's taken some pretty strange circumstances for my family to be where we are: relatively well off, in the US (meaning not HERE), living out our mundane lives.

I appreciate a lot of what fate has given me. Fate, God, both, it doesn't really matter, I'm thankful for what I have, even though I complain.

Let's see. A quick rundown of the strange circumstances. Father was doing well off in Burma with his own clinic, a friend of his told him to leave quickly because “something bad was going to happen”. He applied for the UN Volunteer services February 28th, 1985, and on March 2nd 1985 the Geneva Convention decided to stop accepting applications from my parent's homeland.

They stopped it for years after that.

The next year in 1986 my dad got into Micronesia's hospital system, where the medical director of Kosrae specifically wanted someone from Burma. The medical director had a high appreciation for the Burmese, because he had met a Burmese woman who taught him how to meditate.

I don't know about you, but there's just something really, really coincidental about that! If that hadn't happened the way it did, where would my family be?


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