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The Girls

2007-10-01 02:21

Notice how I've made a category for “The Girls” and haven't used it much yet.

The funny thing is, I've talked less to girls than I have to random (and not so random) guys. The girls are doing all right. I think I'm going to stop using random initials for people, no one else but me understands them. (oops) However, I've just finally gotten updated with KittyCat's life. There's such drama in other people's lives that it sometimes makes me glad I've been sheltered (or rather, caged). I never want to know the heartbreak of being cheated on. Serah is doing better, or so I think. It's nice to be able to go to her again, it's been a long while since I've felt comfortable. LakerGirl… I haven't seen since the “beach party”, in which Jay and I sort of abandoned everyone else. >_>

I've also met another girl, who I'll call DevCell. I apparently have a job through her. I have to compile and make workarounds for linux programs that are outdated/poorly written.

I'm not much of a coder. X(



2007-09-29 06:21

Aaaaand I'm back! That wasn't so hard, I guess >_>

I just need to reinstall my smilies and it's all good!  :D

I was also reminiscing about my prom 2005. I wasn't really dating per se, but it felt like I had something going (in terms of a mutual crush relationship  :P ). My friend KC was with me, (it turned out to be a rather large group, actually), and she motioned towards one of the guys to open the door for the Ladies.

Whaddaya know. Not had a heartbeat passed before I said “Fuck it” and opened the door myself.

People found it hilarious. “I open my own doors,” I mentioned through the giggles.

There's polite, then there's practical. Guess which side wins out in me  :D


Bizarre Love Triangle

2007-09-25 09:18

Avatar strip 0.1. TADA.

The only real update is that… um… um… nevermind. Enjoy the artwork, folks, it took me a month to draw it out (I'm sorry to keep y'all waiting for the completed strip for what, 3 months?)

New Order rocks, by the way. New Order + Crystal Method = orgasmic.


Walking Away

2007-09-23 15:00

When there's nothing I'd rather do but see the stars, wrapped up in a blanket, I'd be one of the select, bitter few who aren't allowed outside at night.

It's sort of sad.

I gave up my astronaut dreams.

In other news, it really, really sucks to say goodbye.


Lucky Boyfriend

2007-09-21 13:47

I listen to Jack FM a lot. I've been trying to track down this song made by a band that sounds a lot like Nickelback, except the only part I remember from it is a lot of “Hey oh hey oh hey oh HEEEEEY”. It's a fun song. I could sing it for you, not like that would help anyone, though. I'm not tone deaf, but who wants a scratchy recording of a girl singing one bar from a random song on the radio?

I'm done with work. I'll be back to school.

By the end of this school year I might be living somewhere else completely. And it's one of the strangest feelings in the world – losing nearly everything I was used to, learning how to live on substance and not excess.

Whatever it is, it's one step forward.


Three words

2007-09-19 13:01

Yes, the whole “I love you” thing can be overrated sometimes, but I mean it when I say it, and I say it when I mean it. The three words I was actually thinking about were “list”, “sexy-time” (hyphenated is just as good as compounded), and “future”. I think about those a lot.

Don't ask about the sexy-time. Just know it's on the list, and it's in my future.

It actually shows up on the list a lot, just FYI.


I need a new category

2007-09-15 11:37

AUGH I hate APS. IE Asian Parent Syndrome. I'm pretty sure it's one of the more agitating syndromes out there. How many first generations are there? I'm curious, probably half the Asian peeps in America. How many of those refuse to understand dating is a GOOD thing? 100%? sigh I'm not the only one.

In other news, I'm working! And that's why I haven't been so available.

And I also like this updating every odd day. I haven't done that, necessarily, but it's a cute idea.

All you people waiting for more art… will have to wait a bit longer. Sorting life out right now. Thanks!



2007-09-09 01:57

I apologize to all you good folks out there, I did enjoy Corona Del Mar and meeting you, but there wouldn't have been much to talk about on my end anyway! I love you all, I do. As it was pointed out, “Couples are unsociable.” Or at least geeky ones, which he and I are totally. That and we like exploring.

The beach is fantastic, though. Awfully standardized. But still fantastic.

I hate the word boyfriend, and its counterpart. I don't get it. I don't like it. And yet there's no other term so socially acceptable or sensical. “Other half”? It's cute, but I think I'm pretty whole in myself. “Significant other”? What's with this other business? And every one I care about is significant. “Inamorato”? Quite Italian, and I like it, but most people won't understand.

I have a feeling I'll just end up saying “Yes, he's the one I'm with.”



2007-09-07 12:06

I'm reeeeeeally looking forward to wearing a bikini tomorrow. It's been hot, it's been too long since I've felt the sun. :heart:


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