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2007-07-23 05:23

I will become a lean, mean, knitting machine. I am in love again with my non-blood sister's mother's gift of an orange scarf. And why the fuck aren't there any Harry Potter merchandise stores in London or Brighton? I know this goes against what I said about being a non-HP fan, but I want a fucking RAVENCLAW scarf. This goes beyond the books – I want to represent the Ravenclaw house. The meaning of that house means more to me than what happens to the characters in that book.

Of course, I want to be the coffee-flavored Luna Lovegood, as Loony as she may be.

I've always been compared to coffee. I have “espresso” colored hair. I have “mocha” skin. I can be warm and bitter at the same time. But at least I have flavor.


Deathly Hallows.

2007-07-23 03:14

I finished the seventh book. I have OFFICIALLY stopped being a Potter fan.

I don't mean like it's a happy goodbye or anything, I mean to say I am DISGUSTED.

I suppose JKR did an ending as well as she could… and it's not enough for me.

EDIT 2118 GMT. Okay, well, I'm really rather surprised JKR had either enough balls to print such a wonderful masterpiece or enough nerve to focus on just her younger readers. Either way, the ending seemed super fake and it is now to be ignored by me. I loved most of the book up until the epilogue.

And yes, I know it exists. I won't disprove its validity. But to me, it is so entirely worthless that it's not funny.

I probably won't draw Harry Potter fanart anymore. I am SO anxious to get to work on Avatar.

It's about time that my childhood ends with the realization that cutesy happy endings come with the consequence of being entirely imaginary.


Beautiful day

2007-07-22 10:05

It's 2am in England! I always get “England” and “London” mixed up.

I've been everywhere. But since it IS 2am, I should sleep. Drink some tea and get some rest. So I will. See you tomorrow.


A Little Messed Up

2007-07-21 07:12

I try to take care of my friends. Or at least I think I do. So once I find out that a lot of my friends are actually scared of me, it tells me I'm doing something wrong, or something entirely right.

It's hard to decide, especially with society's sycophantic obsession.

I don't like the new Harry Potter. It's sad to say that I have not been thrilled to read this book. There's nothing special for me, at least not yet because I'm not finished with it.

Hopefully by the end I'll be able to say “Well, that's some ending.” Without being cynical.

Oh, and what the fuck is with the non-Harry Potter merchandise stores in London? As in why are there no shops that sell Harry Potter SCARVES? And ties? It's all specially made on-line, but that doesn't help me. I'd want to see things in person, see things up close and personal for me to believe that it's real, that it's worthy.

And I guess that's the same reason people are scared of me. But I don't judge people and merchandise the same way. I may not talk to you because I'm shy, or because I'm tired, or because I want to be alone. I don't ignore you because I think you're not a “worthy” human being at first glance. Everyone has the ability to be dazzling.

I'm sorry to all those that I've rubbed the wrong way. I'm apologizing for my social awkwardness, but I'm working on it every day.

But y'all understand – scary is just a part of what people are. The unknown is fun, if not confusing. It's all right to be wrong. It's wrong to be always right – how can you grow?

And speaking of growing… There's been a fair bit of reflection on my past relationships. One has made me stronger, the other has made me realize I should never just “try for anything.” I'm looking (casually) for a partner-in-crime, someone to do things with for the rest of my life, to have adventures, to have fights with, to run the path that is on the crazy terrain of a sometimes lush green and sometimes desert life. And we, I and he, will go as far as we can.

Wherever I stand and wherever I go is my home. I haven't really been homesick, except for the better prices. If I could get a job here in England, though, I wouldn't be complaining.

To my past relationship and semi-relationships: You were all good men in your own way. And I have a lot to speak for myself this time around, but it comes a little too late to do anything with you again. But I did enjoy all that we had.

Note to self: It's all about choices. The right ones will help boost confidence, the wrong ones will help with the experience factor. The right vs wrong doesn't really matter, it's the realization that there ARE choices.



2007-07-19 17:05

Holy shit, Brighton looks like it's going to flood. There's just a massive amount of rain being thrown at the buildings. There's some thunder, but the rain is what scares me. A girl came from studying in Sweden, telling me about her first two weeks involving lots of rain and thunder, and therefore alcohol.

This should last like, 1 more hour and then it has to stop. I had plenty Strongbow and a tequila shot last night, I'm pretty good on the alcohol, and I don't want to fucking waste more money, thanks!

I'm planning on wearing a cute little yellow dress for the Harry Potter extravaganza. If this weather continues, I'm not going to put up with it.

But, I'll ask. Rain, PLEASE STOP. Thanks.



Finals Week

2007-07-18 21:44

Final for Physics (first session, at least), and FINAL BOOK FOR HARRY POTTER!!! :shock: DUDE.

I am pretty certain about 11/20. Which is at least a C on the term. I'm also fairly confident that I did like, 4 other problems the right way, so if they mark me down for having 6 wrong answers, I'll still have above 60%, and that means an A overall by British standards.

Oh, Brits, I knew I loved you for a reason!


French Girlfriends

2007-07-18 07:22

I think I've spent more time in FD's room than in DG's.

Doing physics.

sigh Final tomorrow. And here I am, cleaning up my sketch of Bellatrix and Luna. I'll get it up sometime soon, I swear. This time I have a legitimate scan of it, so it's not a crappy picture with my awesome camera.

I love how I have SUCH a huge ass room. Too bad it doesn't look that way because there're clutters of food and clothes.

At least I HAVE those essentials… but I need to start being much more… frugal in my food purchases. And I need to spend less time eating. Definitely. Not that I'm hideously round right now, but I could be on a slippery slope, snowballing to my globular doom.

My room smells like febreze. :blush: Yum.

I want to be a better artist. And hopefully learning physics will help me become more realistic. There's some inherent wisdom from observation. People can't fight gravity, and even babies know to not waddle off the edge of a high table, as deliciously tender as they are.


Musically speaking, I like Nelly Furtado's new album better than I thought I would. Of course, the “Do It” controversy is pretty good for publicity.

OK I'll explain the title. FD had a French girlfriend in his year abroad, and I thought it was ultra cute. WHY CAN'T I HAVE A HOT ENGLISH BOYFRIEND?


Patrick Stewart!

2007-07-17 07:29

ZOMG Twelfth Night. I think I'm hooked on plays/musicals now.

It's like a live action movie, except the actors are REAL and there are potential fuck ups! It's GLORIOUS.

I am so glad I went to see this play. Yes, I gave up FEIST for this, but Feist I wasn't ever really introduced to. I love Twelfth Night. I totally want to see a Midsummer Night's Dream.

When I have a lover and he seems rather permanent, I will play Hermia and he Lysander. It's going to be chaotic, but beautiful in its own way.

You can't deny true love!

This is total random, but guess what, I've only slept 5 hours and IT'S OBVIOUS.


Sexy Librarian

2007-07-17 00:59

I'm going to see the play Twelfth Night in about 15 minutes. I tried to dress up, people dress up to go to plays, right? Even if it is a comedy? It's Shakespeare in England…! I'd dress up. Geez.

I think one of my friends will be going there. I hope she is, because I dressed up like a sexy librarian. Except I've got chunky legs.  :( Yes, this sentence makes no sense, but Goddamn it, I'd make a damn sexy librarian. And I am hoping my friend dresses up cute too.

I've drawn a couple of things. I'll be posting them online sometime later.

By the way, Antonio totally got left behind. Why couldn't Viola and Antonio hook up? I mean, if Viola and Sebastian really looked all that alike, and Antonio was in love with Sebastian, wouldn't he and Viola sort of make a good couple? The twins act like twins…

And I'm not so fond of the Duke. Olivia seems all right, and I love Maria, but the play is pretty weak in comedy overall. Still, though, one of my favorite plays.

But nothing can beat Midsummer Night's Dream. Nothing. :yummy:


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