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Back from Holland!

2007-08-13 02:45

Apparently Holland is a province in the Netherlands and Amsterdam is that province's capital.

Go figure, DG and I were so confused. :dead:

It was pretty fun, I guess. The legal cannabis coffeeshops gave me headaches. But the cheese and clogs, and the little villages where people are nice and usually able to enjoy themselves – that was pretty chill.

Everywhere else, where there's rush rush rush to finish stuff, and forget the little things, and forget the little things with a big help from a hallucinogenic rolled up grass and paper and lots of expensive food. Good food, but expensive food. :ouch:

But in the small villages there was nothing to do. There were pretty canals and all this beautiful flowers and green, but nothing stimulating.

It's so sad being a California girl. Once I realized I can't be satisfied with the simple life, I can't imagine what I'd really need to have.


Health Terrorist

2007-08-08 16:18

DG's got a picture of a “Wind Terrorist” that's a picture of the hurricane hitting the states. So what is a Health Terrorist, ladies and gentlemen? It is I, a freaking biological weapon of snot and influenza.

Except not so much anymore. I probably slept (or at least rested) for 16 hours, putting away trifles as physics homework and lab reports. People said to me “Hope you feel better!” and a super nice girl gave me Aleve©! A combination of a super long sleep, liters of water, people well wishing and even willing me to get better got me to this state: able to breathe through my nose.

I'm still warm and a bit stuffy, but at least that's better than coughing and draining snot through every PORE of my head, WHILE going moderately insane due to not being able to hear soft noises.

I cannot tell you how much I love music. I've been playing the same playlist of iiO over and over, because the songs are beautiful and make me think of better things.

I'll see if I can put up a particular song. “Formula Pop Radio” sounds like a good mix, right?


You'll never get it.

2007-08-06 03:44

Facebook picture of me

“If what's under the mask is as good looking as what is under the shirt – then you hot”…



You Could Stay Here

2007-08-04 07:51

I love Lamb. The band. The animal. But especially the band. The lyrics, the chaos, the dreams, the sadness, the revival of hope. Even though they're gone, they still are a large part of the music I want to be identified by. I want my life to be a Lamb album. Preferably the first album.

Though it's a pretty silly concept, being identified by musical preferences. And to have a life that's only 60 minutes long.

I'm a bit sick. :grumpy: Sore throat, though someone super nice gave me some medicine  :) I have a midterm come Monday, though, so this whole “no stressing, get rest” thing goes out the window.

It's hard to take an adventure if I can't take that first risk of having one, right? I don't know what's with me, I play it too cautious. And maybe let chances slip by like that.

Sometimes I think I couldn't be vague enough.



2007-08-01 05:37

I deleted my Harry Potter fanart WIP out of spite. Because the ending sucked that badly. But now that I think about it, it was awfully childish and pretty much along the same level of sanity as “I'LL STAB JKR FOR THIS.”

I'll do it over, it's not much of a problem if I have like, 4 different files of it for the different stages. I'm forgetful and vengeful sometimes, and I know it, so I keep backups. And yes, it DOES sound like I have a complicated art uh… process, but it's because I have to keep switching programs. Artrage doesn't do everything and the GIMP is sort of set up strangely, and I don't want to pirate Photoshop because I'm behind a school proxy right now >_>

But of course I wouldn't pirate photoshop because it's illegal too! Silly Swedes.

I'm also working on redesigning this site. Working on meaning I have to decide if I want to redesign or not. I keep saying back in piece work that I'll update… and that's been up there for about… 2 years. :dead:

I don't know. England is a pretty good distraction. LIFE is a pretty good distraction. As much as I am a computer nerd/geek, I enjoy sunshine and have a healthy tan.

You can't get UV rays with LCDs, man. I think.


So Far Away

2007-07-31 06:03

And to think I found that song through a freaking Final Fantasy fanvid. I'm talking about “So Far Away” by Nickelback, obviously. :up:

Ugh, post sugar rush. Sorry.


Ummm. I totally had about 7 hours of physics today. I had mostly ice cream for dinner. And there's just something about today that doesn't seem quite right.

But I'm doing well. I found out 65% in England is about an A-. So above 70 is super cool.

J asked me why I wanted to keep talking to my exes. It's still a good question that I haven't gotten a clear answer to. But I want to see my exes one last time in person to see if I can really be just friends, because they were good people, or to say one last goodbye.

But they've loved me, and I've loved my time with them, for as little or as long as it lasted. And they tried to understand the scared and cautious person that I've been all my life.

Maybe I don't like losing touch with the familiar. Even the familiar I tried to push away.


Sexy Back

2007-07-30 00:41

It's really great what a good night's rest can do for confidence. I went to London (again), Oxford and Cambridge this weekend. Why is there so much pretty in so much history? People don't see quality like that nowadays, which is sad because these old buildings are not only still standing, but are absolutely gorgeous. :shock:

Pictures coming up soon. :cute:

I'm talking to Spam again. Sort of. Messaging through facebook is sort of awkward, but at least there's one medium we can talk through. This whole ex-girlfriend thing doesn't register in my mind anymore. I'm a girl who grew up just a bit more. I'm a girl who knows there's so much more in life than to waste lamenting over past relationships. I'm a girl who knows she can find even awesomer people.

And I'm not even twenty.  :P

Oh, and flavored waters are awesome. So far my favorite is peach flavored water.


Tequila Dreams

2007-07-26 00:03

What does it mean when I dream about taking tequila shots? And having it seem so tasteless that I enjoyed taking it because it was mostly lime and salt?


I've been here too long. :vodka:


Artrage 2.5

2007-07-24 02:50



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